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The stomach normally secrets acid to help in digestion of foods. Overproduction or excessive secretion or unnecessary accumulation or malformation of this acid is called hyperacidity. This condition can create enabling environment for microbes to cause infections in the stomach and alimentary canal. This is a common condition in modern society and people take many varieties of antacids for relieving from symptoms.
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Acid eructation, burning sensation in the chest and throat, indigestion, pain in stomach, loss of appetite or excessive hunger, constipation or diarrhoea and sometimes vomiting. In chronic stages headache, dysuria, chest pain, nausea, giddiness, low fever, malaise, exhaustion, lethargy, dark rings under the eyes, discolouration of the skin and sometimes blood vomiting can occur.

This is caused by macro-molecules of half-digested foods and pitta irritating diets. Also it can be more aggravated by mental stress and emotions like anger, envy. Eating too spicy foods with sour, salty, pungent taste and heat-producing artificial food articles like fast foods, canned foods, junk foods, meat-products, beverages for long time is a the common cause. Fasting without proper medical advice and taking excessive alcohol on empty stomach also may produce this condition.

Meals with leafy vegetables and cereals are very important as a preventive diet. Refraining from artificial foods, alcohol and tobacco smoking. Rely on natural dietary habits and lifestyle is strongly recommended. Living in a physically active and mentally relaxed manner is mostly wholesome for preventing these disorders.

Risks and Complications
Chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers, peptic ulcers and increased acidity in blood. Neglecting proper treatment at the outset will lead to even cancerous conditions and severe bleeding in stomach.

Purification therapy is recommended. Therapeutic emesis and purgation are special procedures to drain out vitiated bio-products. There are many scriptural formulations recommended as a corrective measure.

Foods and Diet
Avoid acidic foods including lentils, chillies, spices, curd and ground nut oil. Diet should be free from fried foods. Alcohol and tobacco smoking are absolutely restricted. Take fresh milk frequently. But not curd.

Daily Routine and Habits
Fasting and irregular eating should be avoided. Mental relaxation may diminish the severity. Early to bed early to rise is the best habit. Sleeping at daytime is baneful. Take lukewarm water after meal.

Home Remedy
One teaspoonful of powder of Eclipta alba three times per day with honey to be taken.